As one of the most popular property upgrades, sliding patio doors check every box for many home and business owners. This is one of those investments that yield benefits for years to come. From improved ventilation to impressive views, sprawling glass doors are the way to go for homes all over Jacksonville. Here’s our list of tried-and-true reasons to invest in patio doors in 2020. 

Energy Efficiency and Sliding Patio Doors

The ENERGY STAR certification carries a whole lot of weight in our industry. If energy efficiency is a top priority for you, this is the number one credential to look for while you shop. Whether you want to install brand new sliding doors or simply replace your old ones, ENERGY STAR certified doors are a no-brainer. 

Improve the Indoor/Outdoor Flow

This is one of the simplest ways to merge your outdoor amenities with your indoor living space. It’s important to work with a qualified designer to select the right glass and door design — the ideal aesthetic is crucial to improve the look and feel of your home. 

Maximize Your Square Footage

Sliding patio doors are the definition of an optical illusion. A wall of glass immediately expands the size of any room. Because they slide instead of swing, glass doors take up little to no space in the design of your home. The Big D team recommends you work closely with an interior designer to make the most of your impressive views. 

Natural Light

The sunshine is a coveted design element of any Florida home or office. Skilled architects design entire buildings around maximizing sun exposure. When windows cover 90% of your wall, you might not even need to use your ceiling lights. It’s smart to invest in electric shades or flowing drapes to best regulate the temperature in your house. 


Last but certainly not least, sliding patio doors offer a desirable aesthetic unattainable by many other elements. Whether your design is modern and minimal or warm and classic, glass doors offer a seamless style to any home or commercial space. When you replace a dark wall with a bright sliding patio door, you immediately expand your space and illuminate the common area. 

Invest in Sliding Patio Doors to Achieve an Unforgettable Design 

The Big D Building Center team has a short list of favorite architectural elements, with sliding patio doors sitting at the top. We love the look, feel and amenities that glass doors offer, and we have no doubt you’ll feel the same. 

“The entire experience was smooth, from getting the initial quote, to the staff who scheduled the installation, to the guys who did the install. The windows look GREAT. The quote they gave was much better than multiple other companies I contacted. The work was done quickly and the staff was great.”

– Ryan C., Big D Building Center 5-Star Google Review

Are you ready to revive the style of your space? Our experts are here to help. From new siding to energy efficient windows and doors, Big D Building Center has the expertise you need. Reach out to us today to schedule your design appointment