If you’ve ever had to spend some serious money on home upgrades, the title of this post should be music to your ears. It’s no secret repairs are typically far less expensive than full-on replacements. If you have a crack in your sliding glass door, don’t start to sweat over the expense just yet. With a little help from the Big D Building Center team, that crack in your sliding glass door may be a simple fix. 

Assess the Severity of the Situation

Broken glass is a common problem for homes with sliding glass doors. The good news is, you rarely have to replace the entire unit. Depending on the size of the crack, it’s possible to hire your local glass professionals to fix the problem. 

Cracks or chips less than a couple of inches in size are ofter fixable with the right knowledge and tools. It’s often difficult to assess the state of your sliding glass door without the help of a knowledgeable professional

The best way to save yourself time, stress and money is to call Big D immediately after the damage is done. One of our experts will come out to your home or office and give you unbiased feedback and a recommend course of action. 

Understand the Many Reasons that Glass Repairs aren’t a DIY Job

First of all, it’s dangerous. There’s no reason to put yourself in danger for the sake of saving a few bucks. There’s a reason window professionals go through schooling and training courses to master their trade. Glass maintenance can cut hands, wrists and faces if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

You may think we’re being dramatic, but we’re just sharing a few examples of DIY glass repairs gone wrong. If you notice a crack in your sliding glass door, our best advice is to keep you and your family away from the damage. Touching the glass can often exasperate the crack, which may lead to more expensive repairs. 

Make the Final Decision Between a Repair and a Replacement

The ultimate plan of action is up to you. If a professional recommends a full replacement and you need time to prepare your finances, there’s often a temporary fix. In an emergency, your Big D window expert can use tape to secure the glass and apply a sheet of heavy-duty plastic to seal the window. 

Ultimately, you never want to have a shattered pane of glass in your house or business. It’s dangerous, unsightly and costly. The investment is your decision, but the recommendation to repair or replace should be left to the professionals.

Get a Professional Opinion from Your Local Sliding Glass Door Professionals

We care about the safety of your family. If there’s a crack in your sliding glass door, it’s crucial to handle the situation immediately. Our Big D experts aren’t there to upsell you to a new pane of glass. In fact, we’d love to help you preserve your current doors. 

Jacksonville homeowners and business owners have trusted our team with their projects since 1921. We’re here for all of your window, door and siding needs. Contact us today to get started.