Did you know that sliding glass doors were found in the ruins of Pompeii and ancient Roman houses? Sliding door designs have evolved since then, but the basic concept is the same, a large opening with a panel that slides back and forth. Adding a sliding glass door to your Florida home is the perfect home improvement project this summer. Find out how these timeless doors can improve your enjoyment of your home and its value. 

Improved Looks  

Sliding glass doors elevate the look of your home both inside and out. From the exterior, your home has large glass doors that give your home a timeless contemporary feel. Because they have a simple and clean design, you never have to worry about the door going out of style. From the inside, your home essentially has a floor-to-ceiling window that lets in plenty of light and maximizes the view. They also help the room they are in to feel more spacious. This elevates the interior design of your home and can add value to your home. 

Increased Home Value 

Installing energy-efficient doors on your home offers one of the highest ROIs. This means you can get almost your entire investment back when it is time to sell your home. Additionally, replacing old patio doors with sliding glass doors increases your home’s value by improving aesthetics, functionality, and design. 

Higher Quality  

Replacing an older door in your home with a new one is your opportunity to upgrade the quality. A better quality door will look better and perform better and be more durable. You will see this quality in the frame design and construction, the way the door is seated in the track, and the handle with a locking mechanism. 

Energy Efficient 

If you are worried about energy efficiency, you do not have to with high-quality sliding glass doors. Instead, they can offer insulation qualities that help regulate your home’s temperature and lower your home’s energy costs. They can also have a UV treatment coating on the outside to keep your home cool and protect your family. 

Improved Traffic Flow 

If you want people to freely move throughout your home, a swing door on hinges will hinder this. A sliding glass door opens up the space and allows for free movement from one area in your home to another. This helps your home feel more welcoming and encourages people to move about and make themselves at home. It also allows for better engagement with people, so you aren’t stuck inside cooking or serving alone while everyone else is outside. If you’ve already embraced the outdoor living lifestyle, you need a sliding glass door to merge the indoors and out into one ample usable and enjoyable living space. 

Children and Pet Friendly 

A sliding glass door is perfect for families with children and pets. Because the glass extends all the way to the floor, the shorter family members can see out, no matter their height. The door also stays open once it is opened, so both children and pets can easily walk outside and inside at will. If you’re worried about someone walking into the door, you can add window clings or hang a sun catcher at your pet’s or children’s height. Then, if someone does happen to bump into, walk into, or accidentally bang your doors, you can breathe easy knowing that the glass is strong and sturdy so that it won’t shatter into a million dangerous pieces. 

Better Ventilation 

Throw open the windows and doors and let the fresh air in! A sliding glass door is perfect for this because you can open it and leave it. You never have to worry about it swinging closed when the wind blows or people bumping into it. Additionally, because it slides completely in front of another, it is entirely out of the way, increasing the amount of airflow. If this was not enough, sliding glass doors are much larger than a standard swing door. This means the opening that they create is also larger. A larger opening allows for more airflow, more traffic flow, and a larger opening for bringing in large furniture pieces. 

Trusted Safety 

Modern, high-quality sliding glass doors are safe than their older counterparts. With their safety glass construction, you can feel safe in your home, which makes them impervious to cutting and damage from brute force. They also have hook-over mechanisms to prevent them from being lifted out of the track. These innovative features improve the door’s burglar resistance. 

More Natural Light 

An exterior door without a window does not let any natural light in. A door with a small window only lets in a fraction of the natural light. An all-glass sliding door lets in as much natural light as possible. Increasing the amount of natural light in your home helps it to feel more comfortable and welcoming, less like a dark and damp cave. The boost in natural light is also better for your physical and mental health. A consistent daily exposure helps to boost serotonin levels and regulate your sleeping patterns. 

Better Visibility 

There is maximum visibility with your glass doors with just a frame around the outside. This lets you enjoy all possible angles and views of your property. For example, if you have your doors facing the backyard, you can keep an eye on your children and pets as they play. If you’re concerned about a lack of privacy, you can easily add a window-cling door decal. They come in a range of designs that obscure people from looking in without sacrificing the natural light coming in. 

Enjoy the Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle 

Are you ready to enjoy all of the benefits that sliding doors have to offer? Perhaps you have sliding doors, and they are looking a bit outdated or are looking to add a door where there was previously a wall. Adding a sliding glass door is the perfect solution for making the most of your home and backyard this summer. 
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