Every homeowner knows the importance of keeping home maintenance and operational costs low. From energy-efficient light bulbs to strategically placed ceiling fans, it’s not easy to keep your home cool and affordable during Florida summers. If you experience costly utility bills, foggy windows or unexplainable drafts, replacement windows may be the answer to your problems. Here are three of the most important reasons to upgrade your home to modern, energy efficient windows:

Lower Your Monthly Bills

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can expect to save between $200 and $500 per year when you upgrade to energy efficient windows. An extra $40 every month in your pocket can go toward a college savings account, a family dinner or a round of drinks. It’s more important than ever to take every step possible to keep money in your bank account. 

Replacement windows are one of those scenarios where an up-front investment leads to long-term savings. The professionals at Big D Building center will help you select the right window design to match your aesthetic and fit your budget. 

Improve Comfort (Even During High Humidity)

There’s nothing worse than sweating while sitting on your own couch. If you begin to notice uneven temperatures around your house, excess humidity or foggy glass, outdated windows are likely to blame. When you upgrade from damaged/dated single pane windows to new vinyl or aluminum models, you’ll notice an immediate difference in your comfort level. 

Florida in the middle of summer is no joke. 100-degrees with 80% humidity is common, and no amount of ocean breeze or afternoon showers brings relief. Opt to upgrade your windows before the August and September heat wave arrives to maximize your comfort. 

Protect Your Home Before the First Hurricane Hits

This is a crucial reason to prioritize replacement windows as a Jacksonville homeowner. Florida’s storm season guarantees intense wind, treacherous rain and dangerous debris. While it hits differently every year, it’s smart to prepare for the worst. 

Older windows with cracked frames and panes make your family vulnerable to the elements. Modern windows — especially when paired with hurricane shutters or fabric — do an outstanding job of keeping the interior of your home safe. Ask our team about all of the precautions you can take to preserve the value of your property.  

Trust Big D with the Replacement Windows in Your Jacksonville Home

Almost one hundred years of serving our Jacksonville community has taught us a few things. From our promise of exceptional service to recommending products that are right for your area, Big D is here with the quality you deserve. 

“Big D Building Center is just about the best!! They did a wonderful job of replacing my window. Office and installers were very polite and helpful.”

– Eileen H., Big D Building Center 5-Star Google Review

Are you considering replacement windows as your next home improvement project? Our team is here to help. From wonderful designers to unparalleled installers, the Big D team has the skills you need to get the job done. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.