Homeowners and builders all over Jacksonville are always looking for ways to make their house feel more up-to-date and personal. Everyone has their own unique taste when it comes to interior design, but there are a few key trends that apply across the board. From smart technology that makes life easier to energy-efficient tactics, the Big D Building Center design crew is here with our top remodeling recommendations for the new year: 

Experiment with Mixed Materials for Your Home’s Exterior

Many discerning Jacksonville residents and builders are gravitating toward the combination of two or more materials. The most popular pairing is vinyl or fiber-cement siding with painted brick. Updating the exterior of a home with new materials is a cost-effective way to immediately boost curb appeal. 

Unsure what type of siding is right for your property? Your main options today include cedar, vinyl and fiber cement. Here’s a little information on each choice to help in your selection:

  • Wood: Big D Building Center uses the Ecoshel Smart Shingle System to improve the performance and installation of tradition cedar siding. Our modern installation method makes wood a weatherproof option that can last for half a century.
  • Vinyl: This choice is in the middle of the road in terms of price. While it may not be the cheapest, it certainly boasts impressive durability and weatherproof benefits. This is a great option for homes/businesses near the water. 
  • Fiber Cement: This choice has a lifespan of up to 20 years more than vinyl siding. This modern siding option should only be installed by professionals to fully reap the benefits. 

Energy-Efficient Features Whenever Applicable

Jacksonville residents have become increasingly aware of energy-efficient products over the past couple of years. Window and door manufacturers are at the forefront of eco-conscious product development. We partner with the top window, door and siding brands to lower your utility bill and improve the operation of your property. 

Big D Building Center offers homeowners and business owners the leading choices in energy-efficient products. Great products like fiberglass windows and doors, Low-E glass coatings and vinyl windows are all clear ways to improve your business or home’s efficiency. 

Smart Home Technology

Advanced tech solutions aren’t a new trend by any means, but smart appliances have evolved immensely in the past couple of years. No aspect is spared from “smart” feature additions, but the kitchen and bathroom are especially impacted.   

Top home brands continue to add revolutionary features to thermostats, home security, kitchen appliances and bathroom staples. The choice to invest in advanced tech features for your home is a no-brainer. Not only do many features make your home safer, but they add an unmatched contemporary element. 

Evolving technologies in the world of windows and doors are quite impressive. Self-blurring/dimming glass is an incredible feature that’s expected to gain popularity in 2020. Wonderful features like energy-saving Low-E glass is already available and is quickly becoming a necessity in Florida homes. 

Big D Building Center is Your Partner in 2020 Home Renovations

At Big D Building Center, we offer commercial and residential customers the products they need to update their property. Our professional team believes in using modern materials to make your home or office timeless. 

We carry industry-leading brands favored by residents and builders in Florida. Contact us today to get started with your 2020 home renovations.