Vinyl is one of the most popular siding materials for a reason. With over 30% of homes across the United States using this material, it’s no surprise that the slew of benefits is endless. If you’re considering vinyl siding for your home or business, the Big D Building Center professionals are here with fast facts on this popular material. 

Few Ongoing Maintenance Requirements

Builders and homeowners all over the country choose vinyl siding for this very reason. Molded-in colors mean you don’t have to periodically scrape and repaint the material. Whatever color you choose for your vinyl siding, all you need is a yearly deep clean to keep it looking great. 

Unlike other popular siding materials, vinyl doesn’t require deep pressure washing to return it to its original state. A simple vinegar and warm water mixture removes most debris, while a quick rinse with the hose should take care of minor build-up. 

Strong Enough for the Jacksonville Storm Season

When you hire a trusted professional to install your vinyl siding, you can rest easy knowing it can withstand Jacksonville’s strongest winds. Well-installed siding can sustain winds and gusts up to 110 mph. 

If some of your vinyl siding does rip off during a storm, it’s a simple and affordable repair compared to most other siding materials. Don’t forget to check your home warranty and insurance to see if they cover this kind of damage. 

Customizable to the Aesthetic of Your Home

One of the most exciting perks of vinyl siding is that its texture and color is completely up to your preferences. Neutral colors are a favorite across the country, but many Jacksonville homeowners have fun with the various colorful pastel options. 

Want a more rustic look? Opt for a dark stained wood grain texture for your Jacksonville home. Work with your Big D Building Center siding professional to choose a look that’s just right for your home or business. 

Explore Your Siding Options with the Help of the Big D Professionals

We’ve got you covered when it comes to siding — literally. The Big D Building Center crew works closely with every customer to choose a manufacturer and design that fits their vision and their budget. If you’re in the market for new siding for your house or office, our team is here to help. 

While vinyl siding is a favorite option for many Jacksonville residents, it’s not your only choice. Chat with our team about the many benefits of fiber cement siding and the smart-shingle system

Are you ready to equip your home or office with top-quality siding? We’re ready to get to work. Reach out to the Big D professionals today to get started.