Your front door is the first impression of your home. Not only is it a design focal point for your house, but it must also be highly functional — energy-efficient and tough enough to keep out the elements and intruders. So how is your front door looking? Is it a great first impression for your home? How is it functioning? Here are some signs that you might need to replace your front door.

Cracking, Peeling, Warping, or Rusting of Your Front Door

Does your front door have visible signs of damage? Front doors are exposed to the most extreme elements throughout the years. This exposure can cause a door to expand and contract, creating cracks, peeling, warping, and rusting.

If this is your home’s first impression, it might be time to consider enhancing your entrance with a beautiful, new door. The great news is that a new front door has a very high return on investment — close to 75%. Beyond having a good-looking front door, you will also return function to your front door. A door that is warped or rusted isn’t able to maintain a high standard of energy efficiency.

Feeling Drafts from Your Front Door

The newest doors are highly energy efficient. If you find yourself feeling a draft coming through your door, you are paying for it through your electric bill. Maybe you can’t figure out how the bugs are getting in? Check the seal around your door to see if there are places where you can see light coming through. One of the main functions of your front door is to keep out unwanted temperatures (hot or cold) and all other outdoor elements that you don’t want coming inside your house. If your front door isn’t able to do this, it might be time to consider a new door.

Difficulty Opening, Closing, or Locking Your Front Door

Sometimes you simply need a new lock or an adjustment to the hinges on your door jamb. However, if you are consistently struggling to open and close your front door, you might have a bigger issue. Many times as homes get older, the foundation continues to settle, and the opening for your door changes in shape. Your front door should open, close, and lock with ease — that is its basic job. When your front door is working well, it is keeping you safe too. So, even if your door looks good, it might not be functioning properly, and it becomes more cost-effective to replace the door than to try and fix it.

Soft Spots in Your Front Door

The elements can really do their damage to your front door. If there are soft spots on your wooden door, then it is not strong enough to keep your home secure. Soft spots can occur from both water damage or insect damage. When a door is weakened by either of these types of damage, there is a much greater opportunity for mold and mildew to further damage your door. Front doors with double pane windows can also have moisture damage if the seal between the two panes breaks. This can also create an environment where mold and mildew grow, easily spreading through the entire door. If your front door window looks foggy, it’s time to get a new front door.

Discuss Your Front Door Needs with the Big D Building Center Professionals

If your front door needs to be replaced, Big D Building Center can help you find a beautiful new front door. When you replace your front door, it is a great investment in your home, increasing both energy efficiency and boosting your curb appeal. We have many exceptional doors to choose from, and we’ll assist you in picking the best one for you. If you are in the Jacksonville or Northeast Florida area, contact our expert team of professionals, and let’s get to work on giving your home a great first impression.