Experts say that as a rule of thumb you should replace your windows every 15-20 years. This is helpful advice if you’ve built a new home, but if you didn’t build your home, chances are you don’t know the last time the windows were replaced. 

So, how do you know when it’s time to start the window replacement process? 

If your windows have lost some of their aesthetic appeal, you may be able to go the repair route. Although, if your windows are losing functionality, they’ll need to be replaced sooner rather than later. Below are six signs that it could be time to replace your windows.

  1. High Electric Bills 

If your electric bills have been higher than usual, your windows could be to blame. As windows get older and naturally experience wear and tear, they can lose some of their ability to keep the home insulated. 

  1. The House Won’t Stay Warm

Again, as windows get older, they can start to let cool air seep into the house. If you’re constantly needing to crank up the thermostat, it might be time to replace your windows. 

  1. Large Amounts of Condensation Between The Panes 

When a window’s glazing becomes ineffective, the seals can no longer keep out moisture. This leads to a build-up of condensation in between the window panes. Some condensation in between the windows is natural, but if you can hardly see out of your windows every time the humidity rises, you may need a replacement. 

  1. You Can Hear Everything Going On Outside

Being able to hear everything going on outside is another sign that your windows are no longer properly insulated. Even brand new windows will let sounds into the house, but if you can hear every little noise made outside, chances are, your insulation is too low. Thicker panes, new frames, and airtight seals will do a much better job blocking out the noise. 

  1. They Just Don’t Look Good 

Years of rain and other harsh weather conditions can leave your windows looking faded, chipped, and in bad shape overall. Sometimes when the issue is cosmetic, window repair can be a viable solution. In cases of cracks or rotting however, replacement is a better option. 

  1. Hard to Slide Up and Down

If your windows resist sliding up and down it could be because of rust or mold that’s developed as a result of excess moisture. If your windows can’t open and close properly, it’s time for a replacement. 

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