The curb appeal of your home can make or break a sale. Get the curb appeal right, and you can potentially add thousands to the value of your home. However, as a fellow Florida resident, you know there’s more to your front door than just its looks. Your front door needs to be energy efficient to help keep your home cool and strong enough to keep your home protected in a storm. The Therma-Tru Doors from Plastpro deliver top-quality looks and performance for your Florida home. 

Why Consider a Fiberglass Door? 

Traditional exterior doors were made from wood. Steel and fiberglass have become more popular as these materials are lower maintenance and more durable. Fiberglass doors are made with a rigid core made of fiberglass, which is a fiber-reinforced polymer. Covering the core is a skin that’s finished to mimic the look of real wood. These doors resist cracking, shrinking, expanding, and bowing like real wood. They are also lighter than steel and won’t rust or rot like steel. The upkeep for a fiberglass door is minimal. 

Hydroshield Technology 

This unique feature is exclusive to Plastpro and helps to protect the doors from moisture infiltration. This makes them ideal for use in Florida, where home experience records numbers for humidity. 

Energy Efficient 

Extreme heat in Florida makes it a challenge to keep a home cool while also maintaining an affordable energy bill. The higher quality and additional insulation in Plastpro doors help to insulate homes better by reducing heat transfer through the door. This helps to keep your home cooler for more efficient energy usage. 

Enhanced Security 

Each door produced by Plastpro is WBD-rated to give you the highest level of security. Unlike other security doors, the wood grain finish ensures you never have to  comprise design for security and safety. 

Hurricane Proof 

Fiberglass doors go through expensive testing to ensure they are strong enough to withstand heavy impacts. This makes them a smart choice for regions that are prone to hurricanes, like Florida. Most of Plastpro’s standard doors are Wind-Borne Debris WBD-rated. These doors will give you a solid level of protection and security. However, if you’re looking for a bit more, Plastpro’s High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ) are certified to withstand hurricane-force wind speeds and debris. Unlike other manufacturers that use a foam honeycomb core and steel skin, Plastpro uses an extra thick fiberglass skin and HydroShield Technology for better performance. 

Customize the Look of your Home 

Your home should be unique to you. Because your front door plays such a big role in your home’s first impression, the front door that you choose should reflect your personal style and taste. Your front door also needs to blend well with the design of your home. This means that a one-size-fits-all approach just won’t work. 

Paltropro has several design lines that give homeowners a wide range of options. 

Limited Series 

The Limited Series has a truly unique look that’s perfect for Florida homes. The doors showcase the beauty of Knotty Alder and Teak with rich graining, knotty detailing, and interlocking designs. This gives your home a luxurious yet geographically authentic look. 

Modern Series 

Give your home a sleek and contemporary look with a door from the Modern Series. These sophisticated doors feature clean lines. Instead of the traditional panel design, you’ll see large, flat panels and long slim-line glass panes. 

Craftsman Series 

If you love the look of classic American architecture, then a door from the Craftsman Series is a perfect choice. These simple doors feature shaker-style panel designs and come in both Fir and Smooth grain options. 

Rustic Series 

The Rustic Series is the finishing touch to your country or farmhouse-inspired home. These doors have charming features that mirror traditional designs for a warm and welcoming touch to your front door. Each door comes with wrought iron accessories and a rich woodgrain finish to complete the look. 

Mahogany Series 

Homes that have a stately presence need a front door from the Mahogany Series. The detailed wood texture, traditional detailing, and decorative glass inserts add a touch of elegance to your home. In addition, the Series features panel designs that have curves and arches. 

Smooth Skin Series 

Give your home a modern look with the pre-pigmented smooth skin series. The design simplicity will give the front of your home a minimalist look. There are a variety of glass and panel options. 

Oak and White Oak Series 

Have the look of oak doors with the affordability and security of fiberglass. The pre-pigmented white skin can be paired with glass panels for a modern yet timeless look. In addition, the oak version of these doors has a rich grain texture that gives your home a classic look. 

Onlite Series 

The Onlite Series has flushed-glazed glass with a removable stop that makes it simple to change out the glass without changing the entire door. These doors have a clean look for a modern touch to your home. 

Nova Series 

The Nova Series features direct glazed glass panes that allow in the greatest amount of natural light. There are two profiles to choose from, raftsman and square. There are also two graining options, smooth and fir. These doors also come with the HydroShield Technology. 

Who Is Plastpro? 

Since its founding in 1994, Plastpro has dedicated itself to crafting the highest quality fiberglass doors that embody the latest technology while also staying affordable. Fiberglass doors can look beautiful while delivering several benefits thanks to its innovations and research. In addition to quality products, Plastpro goes above and beyond by providing in-depth how-to guides, advice, tips, and detailed product resources to provide homeowners with everything they could need to maintain their new doors. 

Upgrade Your Home’s Front Door 

With spring here and hurricane season right around the corner, there’s no better time than the present to replace and upgrade your home’s front door. This one small feature has a major impact on both your home’s curb appeal and functionality. Choosing a Platpro Therma-Tru door lets you have the best of both worlds: wood’s beauty and the durability of fiberglass. 

Schedule an appointment today, and our skilled team can help you choose the perfect door for your home.