As we head into 2022, let’s turn our eyes to the new year and look at some of the home trends we expect to see ahead. Though the specifics might vary, the largest trend we’re noticing in home design and decor is a general shift towards mid-century modernism and all of the minimalist design that entails. 

The term “mid-century modern” hearkens back to a style of design that dominated the 1930s up through the 1960s, characterized by simplicity and a function-over-form design. It’s both practical and easy to maintain, while also emphasizing the space and light of a given room. Below, we’ve put together some tips and advice for redecorating in the new year using this minimalist ethos.

Make a Memorable Entrance with Sliding Doors

The entryway is one of the first encounters guests have with your house, and it sets the mood for the rest of their visit. If you’re looking to give the right impression, consider leaning into a rustic, wooden design; this eco-friendly and functional approach immediately calls to mind the basic tenets of mid-century modern style. However, if you aim to create a more singularly memorable entrance, consider installing sliding doors. 

Simple sliding doors crafted from wood elevate the basic design of your standard rustic door and are an ideal design for an entryway. You can go even further, however, and implement glass in your sliding door, filling your entryway with natural lighting. These glass sliding doors can also be used elsewhere in your home, acting as natural partitions between rooms that can be adjusted as needed.

Brighten Up Spaces with Easy Customizations

Large windows and bright spaces are some of the hallmarks of mid-century modernism, and finding the right treatment for your windows is a huge part of embracing minimalism. Designing around naturally well-lit spaces is a balancing act between letting light in and maintaining privacy. It’s possible to have both though, and solutions like roller shades or custom shutters let you have the best of both worlds. At the end of the day, the goal is to fill your rooms with light and warmth, a design choice shown to improve your mood, helping to lower your stress and keep you going.

Find Beauty in Simplicity 

Much like opening up spaces with large windows, simplify your home for 2022 by decluttering the rooms in your house. While a cluttered space can impart a cozy feeling, you’ll want to keep your rooms feeling open and spacious if you’re aiming for that mid-century modern aesthetic. Go for low-profile furniture to keep each room feeling open and more inviting. You can double down on freeing up visual space by using furniture with clean lines, and you can simplify the visual impact of a space by using wood furniture.

Keep It Classy with Stylish Earthy Tones

Focusing on lighting and the contours of your furniture isn’t the only way to make your living room pop. Create a comfortable, homey feeling by painting with soft, earthy colors. You can keep rooms feeling bright by using varying shades of cream or even white, but for a more somber, classy mood, you can paint with shades of brown and gray. These tones have the additional benefit of nicely complimenting the brown wood so often used in mid-century modern decorations and furniture. The contrast between the two of them only calls out the open layout of rooms and the natural light that fills them.


Looking to Renovate?

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