There are some exciting new architectural trends consumers can expect to see more frequently in 2022.

Overall, there is a push towards sustainable development and the use of sustainable materials. Additionally, homeowners and designers alike are opting for styles that embrace feelings of comfort and security. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular emerging trends.

Industrialized: There will be more raw materials exposed in homes. Urban infrastructure is becoming more common, and the use of brick, iron, aluminum, and wood is currently trending upwards. You can expect to see less surface material and more homes that resemble factory buildings. 

Peaceful bathrooms: The bathroom is going to become a space to relax. Bathrooms will be more than functional spaces to wash up. They will be larger and have peaceful decor. The bathroom will be a place to release tension and decompress after a long day. 

Open, Multipurpose Spaces: Large, open spaces will be a staple of homes built in 2022. The most common design will be rooms without a wall dividing the living room and the kitchen. Although other rooms in the house will be combined as well. For example, some homeowners may decide to combine their lofts with their bedrooms. 

A New Wave Of Minimalism: Complementing the industrial and open concept trends, will be a new wave of minimalist design. Both residential and commercial buildings will feature modern, simple form materials. The pandemic caused many people to become more aware of the junk and clutter in their homes, leading consumers to prefer a minimalist design.

Inclusion Of Nature: There will be an increase in the number of plants people use to decorate their homes with. Green is in. The sweetheart plant, the fiddle leaf fig tree, the monstera, palm, and snake plant will all be popular choices due to a combination of low maintenance and an appealing aesthetic. 

Elaborate Home Offices: Unsurprisingly, 2022 will have an uptick in home offices. Houses will have home offices located in quieter areas, apart from busier living spaces. Additionally, the home offices of 2022 will be meticulously designed to promote concentration and an overall positive work environment. 

Serene Colors: The use of serene colors will further support a calm, comfortable design. Navy blue is going to see more use because it’s relaxing but less dreary than black. Burnt oranges and reds are also going to be used more frequently. Last, neutral colors, off-whites, and beiges will remain in style. 

Overall, 2022 will be a year of minimalism, sustainability, and calm. It’s going to be an exciting year. As you evaluate design choices, don’t forget to search for doors and windows that complement your home’s aesthetic. 

The front door can be a small hint towards the interior design of the home. A unique front door increases curbside appeal and ties everything together. 

Windows can either blend in seamlessly with a home’s natural design or stick out like a sore thumb. If you’re going to follow the trend of 2022 and go for a modern, minimalist style, you’re going to want the perfect windows to match it. 

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