Blustery storms are a way of life when you live in Florida. Hurricane season every year is a time for Jacksonville locals to react in one of three ways: hunker down, evacuate or throw a party. While we see the appeal of all three, the Big D team is primarily concerned with your safety. The best way to keep your family free from tragedy is to prepare your home for the innevitable. Here are a few important steps to take before the next storm hits:

Replace Old and Damaged Entry Points

Outdated windows and doors are a disaster waiting to happen. Thin panes of window glass and doors without weather-tight seals can lead to blown-out windows and water damage. This is one cost-effective proactive step to take right away. Another perk? New windows and doors are a great way to increase the resale value of your home. 

Smart homeowners like you should consider adding hurricane protection with their new window or door purchase. Hurricane fabric, a storm door and hurricane shutters are preventative measures proven to work. 

Repair Loose Siding

The last thing you want is flying debris near your home. Loose shingles can fly off and expose your home to the elements. We recommend you partner with a professional to evaluate the state of your siding before the wind picks up. 

Not every home’s siding is the same. From vinyl and brick to asbestos and aluminum, the Big D team is here to help with your home storm prep. Whether you need to fully replace your siding or simply need a repair, contact us today. 

Invest in Effective Hurricane Protection

We’re talking about hurricane fabric and shutters. While there are cheaper, temporary rates when it comes to protecting your windows and doors, no expert will advise you to take the budget route. While plywood and plastic may shield your home from flying debris, they won’t prevent water damage or protect from hurricane-level gusts of wind. 

Ask your local window professionals about the best choice for your home. The protection you choose comes down to your budget and the location of your property. Homes on the ocean, for example, require far stronger protection from homes in World Golf Village.  

Partner With Big D to Protect Your Home this Season

Hurricane season is a scary but innevitable part of living in Jacksonville. Experienced locals know when it’s appropriate to seek the help of expert protection. Established companies like us know what it takes to keep your property safe during even the strongest storms.

Don’t wait to shield your home until it’s too late. Schedule your consultation today to discuss the best measures to take to prevent damage.