Floridians specialize in many things, but staying comfortable in cold weather isn’t one of them. Even if you’re a transplant from a northern locale, we all become accustomed to the warm temperatures of Jacksonville. Right about now is when we begin to bundle up for our seasonal cold snap. The Big D team has been around for almost a full century, so we know a thing or two about winterizing a home. Here are our top tips:

Alternate the Ceiling Fans for Optimal Temperature 

Most of us have heard this tip before but never actually put it into practice. A ceiling fan should rotate clockwise in the winter to keep warmer air near the ground level. If you choose to leave your fan running even in the winter, this prep step is important to act upon. 

It’s actually smart to keep your fans going when the temperature drops. A ceiling fan that runs in reverse draws the room air upward and pushes the warm air down toward your family. Of course, this only matters if your windows and doors properly insulate your home to regulate the temperature. 

Check the State of the Doors and Windows

An efficient and safe Florida home relies on well-maintained openings. Windows and doors expose your home to all the elements of Jacksonville, whether that be an ocean breeze or a strong winter wind. The Big D team is here to ensure your home operates in tip-top shape. 

Features to look for include proper sealing, any presence of damage and proper weather stripping. Even the smallest issue with your windows or doors can lead to costly utility bills, poor insulation and inferior temperature regulation. 

Clean Dust and Debris Out of the Ducts 

No one likes the burning smell that flows through a house when the heater turns on for the first time all year. Contrary to popular belief, it’s completely possible to avoid this unpleasant odor. A little elbow grease in the fall will remove the dust and debris from your ducts. When it comes time to switch the thermostat to heat, bask in the warmth of a scent-free home. 

Ensure a Seamless Transition into a New Season with the Help of Big D

Our team of professionals works year-round to ensure our Jacksonville clients live comfortably. If you experience any issues with your windows, doors or siding, Big D is the team for the job. Give us a call today to discuss your situation. We can’t wait to help!