Now that you’ve had your new windows installed, you want to get the best benefit from them — a clear, beautiful view of the outdoors. You’ve made the investment, so you also want them to last for a long time. In order to have your windows continue to operate smoothly and maintain their efficiency, it is important to do regular maintenance. Here are some great ways to keep your windows feeling new for years to come.

Basic Cleaning

It’s important to keep your windows clean throughout the year, especially because our homes are near the ocean. Cleaning your windows at least four times a year removes corrosive salt that can dramatically shorten the lifetime of your new windows. 

For the inside of your windows, use one part white vinegar and two parts water to wash your glass and window frames. Wipe with a microfiber towel to eliminate streaks.

To clean the exterior side of your windows, start by rinsing them with a hose. Use the vinegar and water solution to scrub the windows, and then use a rubber squeegee to remove the cleaning solution. Alternatively, there are many great window cleaning companies equipped with ladders and tools that can easily clean the exterior of your windows.

Inspect Your Windows Regularly

Salty air is extremely corrosive to wood, fiberglass, and vinyl windows. Simply living near the water creates more wear on your windows, so it is important to inspect your windows a few times a year. As you check each window, look for cracks around the seam of the window, degraded film, and any glazing issues. Also, check the weather stripping on each window as it tends to degrade over time due to the weather. 

Check Finishes and Fit

Each type of window has a different type of finish. Look for corrosion, peeling, or cracking on the inside and exterior finishes of each window. While wood windows are the best for insulation, they require more maintenance than aluminum or vinyl. If you have wood windows, the finish and paint protect the window from damage. If you see chipping or peeling of paint, make sure to get it fixed right away.

Next, check the caulking around the windows. This sealant makes sure that your windows are watertight. If the caulk is cracked or missing, your siding and framing could be exposed to water damage.

As your house gets older and continues to settle and have exposure to the elements, your window frames can change in size and shape. Windows that originally fit perfectly when they were installed might not have as precise a fit after a while, leading to poor performance. Make sure that your windows close and open all the way, lock completely, and continue to keep out moisture. 

Clean Window Tracks

More important than cleaning the glass on your windows is cleaning the window tracks. Dirt can get in the tracks fairly easily, making your windows hard to open and close — more prone to getting stuck. Regular cleaning can prevent this kind of frustration. Simply clean the tracks with a dry brush, and any dirt or grime left can be cleaned with soap and water. You can also apply a lubricant to make your window open and close smoothly.

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