Both the interior and exterior doors to our homes have many different functions. From creating a quiet space in our bedroom to securing the exterior of our home, doors help us create defined spaces, open our home to back decks, and invite friends and family inside for the holidays. Whether you just want a different design, need a more energy-efficient option, or want to create a better indoor-outdoor environment in your home, here are some options to get your creative ideas started.

All Panel Doors

Panel Doors are what most of us have for interior doors in our home. There are three ways panel doors are made: solid wood, solid-core, and hollow-core. There are pros and cons to each of these options. You can have an exterior solid wood door, and these can be used for interior doors as well. The other options are only for the interior of your home. 

All of these options have hundreds of designs. From two panels to 8 panels, vertical panels to horizontal panels, even doors with single panels–there are so many options depending on your style. One of the best ways to update the look of your home is to install new interior doors.

Glass Panel Doors

A door that has glass panels can let in so much natural light and be a stunning focal point for the exterior of your home. Whether your paneling is the top third, half, or the entire door, adding glass to a front door is a great way to add to your curb appeal. Today glass doors are made of tempered glass and are energy-efficient. 

They can come in a variety of styles or be custom-built. A wonderful option for doors to an office or sunroom is interior double glass panel doors. If you have an interior room that needs to be able to shut out sound but can handle visibility, consider glass panel doors to let even more natural light flow throughout your home.

Dutch Doors

Dutch doors allow the top of the door to open separately from the bottom of the door. If you have young children or pets, a Dutch door can give your home a much more appealing built-in aesthetic than a store-bought, baby/dog gate. They also create character and charm for any home. From interior doors to your front or back doors, these doors can be both functional allowing fresh air and sunshine in, to a true piece of craftsmanship added to your home.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors have panels that are connected with hinges that open and close like an accordion. Interior bi-fold doors are a great way to save space for a hallway laundry room or a tucked-away pantry. You can also use two bi-fold doors for larger closets. They save space when opened up as compared to a regular panel door. 

Sliding Doors

There are many different types of sliding doors. Most people usually think of glass sliding doors from your kitchen to your porch. They are a great fit for enjoying the outdoors because they are safe; instead of swinging open or shut, they stay in place when opened up. 

While people are moving in and out of your home, no one is going to get hit by a door. For the interior of your home, they can create a great room divider or save space for a closet door. Anywhere that you don’t have room for a large door to swing wide open, consider a sliding door.

Multi-Side Doors

These doors are a must-have if you have beautiful views from your home. They have more than one moving panel with each panel aligned in a row. As they are opened, the panels stack on top of each other. At the edge, they are either stacked side-by-side, or you can have a pocket that the panels slip into inside your exterior wall. 

When you use numerous glass panels as your exterior wall, the outside can come inside your home when they are opened up giving you a crystal clear view of your backyard scenery. Even when these types of doors are closed, you are still left with panoramic views maintaining that indoor-outdoor feel to your home.

New doors are a great way to reclaim space, re-create the design of your home, add stunning views, and create more value for your home. If you have questions about what doors can work for your home, at Big D Building Center in Northeast Florida, we have many options available to help you update your doors and add new features to your home. Feel free to visit our showroom, or visit our website to learn more about our products and services.