It’s hard to estimate just how frequently your front door is put to use. Your daily commute to work, walk to the mailbox and claiming your Uber Eats all start with opening your front door. This makes it more important than ever to equip your home with a door that’s both functional and attractive. When your front door operates correctly, your life is just a little bit easier.

Installing a front door is a complicated process if you don’t have the Big D door professionals in your corner. There are a million important reasons to leave your front door installation to the experts. From defending against intruders to reaping energy efficiency benefits, here are a couple of things to consider before you move forward:

Choose a Design that Fits Your Home’s Aesthetic

Just take a second and imagine the perfect exterior view of your home. There are many different door designs to choose from these days. The material and size you choose determine the look of your entryway and its benefits.

The most popular door material for Jacksonville homeowners is fiberglass. Fiberglass doors are fully customizable to your vision. Your first step is to choose the color, finish and size that works right for your house. Fiberglass is a low maintenance material that boasts a slew of benefits. It’s easy to maintain, lasts for many years and stands up to Jacksonville’s strongest storms. Other great door options include wood and steel. Discuss the best fit for you with a Big D Building Center professional. 

Find a Door that Works for Your Family

Your front door’s functionality might be even more important than the way it looks from the street. How well it performs basic operations and holds up to dangerous weather all comes down to the right selection and quality installation techniques. 

It’s important to consider the durability and anticipated lifespan of a certain door before making the investment. If a big storm hits our area (which is inevitable in Jacksonville), can your new door withstand the impact and protect your family? These are important questions to discuss with your Big D team member before making the purchase. 

Make the Right Selection with the Help of the Big D Door Pros

Our team doesn’t take your investment lightly. We meet with you to make the perfect selection based on your lifestyle, desired aesthetic and budget. 

“I give Big D Building Center 5 Stars! They were quick, professional and my house is the envy of my neighborhood. I would work with this company again any time and wholeheartedly recommend that you work with them too!”

– Joanna N., Big D Building Center Facebook Review

Are you ready to begin the process of purchasing a new front door? We’re here to help. Contact the Big D Building Center professionals today