Your home’s curb appeal often comes down to the state of your siding. If it’s deteriorating and drab, there’s a good chance your house looks like it has seen better days. From historic homes in Avondale to beachside bungalows, no house is unaffected by the intense Jacksonville weather. Here are a couple clear-cut signs it’s time to upgrade your siding:

  1. High Heating and Cooling Bills

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be stuck with that outrageously high utility bill. Updated, energy efficient siding not only lowers your monthly expenses, but can even come with a tax credit. Outdated home exteriors can attract sunlight and expose your home to the elements, which leads to high home maintenance costs.

  1. Rotten Wood or Vinyl

Rotten wood siding is a bad look with even worse side effects. If your home has experienced any kind of damage from fallen branches or a storm, it quickly becomes vulnerable to rot. Water seeps inside damaged siding and penetrates the core of your home’s exterior. 

  1. Cracked or Loose Siding 

Loose siding doesn’t always mean you need to replace the siding on your whole house. But, if your siding is 40+ years old or damaged in many places, we recommend investing in updating the entire exterior. 

  1. Bubbles in the Siding 

Wavy or bubbled siding can indicate larger structural problems. This damage is often caused by the material being nailed too tightly, a reflected glare from Low-E glass windows, or too much exposure to sunlight. 

  1. Over Maintenance 

Your house shouldn’t require maintenance to the point of frustration or bankruptcy. In fact, a well-built home should require very little maintenance! When you find yourself investing time and money into siding month after month, it’s time to bite the bullet and update your home’s exterior.

  1. Moisture and Mold

Moisture build-up isn’t an issue until it starts to creep inside your house, which quickly leads to mold and rot. This is one problem that only gets worse as you let it fester. Mold and moisture spread quickly, so it’s rare to experience one of these issues without having to replace all of the siding. 

  1. Warping and Rippling

Do you walk around your house and notice any buckling, droop or misshapen siding? If you painted your siding a darker color than it’s original, it’s at a higher risk of showing symptoms just like this. Additionally, improper installation is a common cause of warped and rippled siding. 

Update Your Home with the Help of Jacksonville’s Siding Professionals

Our expert team is here for all of your siding, window and door needs. If you notice any of the issues detailed above, it’s time to chat with a pro about your next steps. Promptly updating your siding can lower your energy bills, better regulate your home’s temperature and improve curb appeal. 
Are you ready to update the exterior of your home and improve your family’s lifestyle? Big D Building Center is here to help. Chat with our team about your budget and design preferences. We’ll help you select the perfect siding that matches your needs. Contact us today to get started on your home upgrades.