Classic homes possess a charm that new construction often lacks. Homebuyers all over the United States seek out decades-old properties to restore and enjoy. If you have a special place in your heart for historic design, it’s important to be smart when you renovate your old home. Whether your house is in Avondale, Ponte Vedra or somewhere in between, Big D Building Center is here to help with the restoration. 

French Doors are a Fitting Addition to Classic Architecture

Contemporary and hundreds-year-old homes alike boast this beautiful design feature. French doors aren’t just a mark of a custom home, but they’re a functional addition for any family. This door style perfectly fits in living rooms, master bedrooms and pool houses. 

Updated new doors from Big D Building Center immediately upgrade any home. Quality and energy efficiency are two perks of new french doors. Our team partners with the top manufacturers to provide the best doors for Jacksonville homeowners. Work with our team to source the perfect model for your historic home. 

Enjoy the Benefits of New, Custom Windows to Fit Your Original Design

One of the primary sources of wasted energy is old, damaged windows. Old windows often include only one pane of glass, little to no insulation and natural deterioration. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you can save up to $450 per year when you upgrade to modern, double-paned windows. 

Our team works closely with you to design and select the perfect windows for your historic home in Jacksonville. It’s important to hire a trusted professional to ensure maximize energy efficiency benefits. 

Restore Your Hardwood Floors to their Original Beauty

One of the primary selling points for home buyers is original wood floors in an old home. Over the years, hardwood is often covered up or tarnished. Does your house still have its original flooring? Partner with a contractor to discover the state of your flooring and make them beautiful once again.

You have many options when it comes to hardwood floor restoration. Paint and stain are two of the best ways to convert the look of your space. Bold homeowners lately gravitate toward a whitewashed look or an all-black design. On different ends of the spectrum, these two options both achieve a level of design fit for a pro. 

Trust Your Home Restoration with Jacksonville’s Building Pros

We work with homes of all ages, styles and sizes. The professionals at Big D Building Center offer homeowners like you the perfect windows, doors and siding to elevate any aesthetic. Does your historic home need some fresh updates? Strategize your approach to seamlessly blend the old with the new. 
Contact our team today to begin planning your restoration project.