The last thing most businesses want is for their customers to feel ripped off. Unfortunately, some not-so-trustworthy companies tarnish the reputation of businesses everywhere. At Big D Building Center, we take every opportunity to uphold our values and remain transparent with our customers. If you’re nervous about purchasing new windows, we’re here to help you stay on the lookout for possible sales tricks:

Upsell #1: Exaggerating the State of Your Windows

Sometimes a simple repair really is all your windows need. When you reach out to a window company to perform an estimate, it’s important they evaluate every single aspect of your windows. From the locks to the seals, a trustworthy company will spend its time examining the state of your windows. 

If the technician says you’re due for new windows without giving your current ones the time of day, they likely just want to make the sale. Broken glass and foggy panes are two of the most common problems that can be fixed with a simple repair. 

Upsell #2: Explaining the Benefits of Modern Window Models

This upsell isn’t typically done to cause you frustration or entice you to spend more money. There really is truth to the advancements of modern-day window designs. But just because there are new models doesn’t mean you need to upgrade right away. 

If you hire a company to perform a repair or clean your windows, the service technician could try to convince you to upgrade. Window professionals place lots of importance on energy efficiency, minimal maintenance and usability. If you’re uninterested in hearing about these benefits before you absolutely need new windows, tell the company from the get-go so you don’t have to hear their spiel. 

Upsell #3: Bundling Maintenance Services with Your Repair or Replacement

Maintenance plans can be a lifesaver, but they can also cost you a pretty penny if you aren’t careful. Most companies only create maintenance plans that truly save the customer money. Unfortunately, you could come across a company that doesn’t have your best interests in mind. 

If a salesman is overly pushy about ongoing maintenance, simply say you need to think about it. Look over every maintenance plan with someone you trust before signing the contract. 

Big D Building Center: Trusted by the Jacksonville Community for  100 Years

The trustworthy experts at Big D Building Center have delivered top-quality work to local homes and businesses since 1921. Our third generation of owners still uphold the standards of trust, integrity and quality that started this business so many years ago. 

“Big D Window is just about the best! They did a wonderful job of replacing my window. The office and installers were very polite and helpful.”

– Eileen H., Big D Building Center Google Review

If you’re in the market for new windows, doors or siding, reach out to our professionals today. Stop by our showroom and chat with our team to experience the difference of working with Big D Building Center.