How much thought have you put into the type of windows you have in your home? If you are like most homeowners, you probably  haven’t given much, if any, thought. With the upcoming summer season, it may be time to replace your windows! With an abundance of custom options to choose for your home, where do you start? Do you stick with the standard sliders? Perhaps your home could benefit from a large picture window. Or maybe you’re ready for a change, and projection windows are what you’re looking for. 

While choosing your new windows isn’t always the easiest choice, we’ve gathered an in depth analysis of picture windows and projection windows to help you narrow it down.

What Are Picture Windows? 

A picture gets its name from its construction. It has a solid frame with a fixed piece of glass in it, similar to a framed picture. The window doesn’t open, and there are no glazing bars. This gives you an expansive and unobstructed view of the outside. They come in a range of sizes but are typically larger to provide you with plenty of natural light and a greater field of view.  

Picture Window Pros 

Picture windows can significantly reduce your home’s energy costs in Florida. Because the window doesn’t open, it has a better seal, reducing air leaks. This makes them more energy-efficient than windows that open. Windows are responsible for 25%-30% of your home’s heat gain or loss, so reducing this percentage can amount to significant savings. In addition, the lack of glazing bars increases the amount of natural light that comes through the window. This can help to make your home feel brighter and larger. 

Because picture windows tend to be large, they are ideal for rooms where you want to enjoy the view. If you have a property where you can admire the view, then a picture window is what you want. 

Picture Window Cons

The drawback of picture windows is that you can’t open them. You get no airflow or ventilation benefits from them. This means you don’t have the option to turn off the AC or heat and open the windows.  While beautiful, with Jacksonville’s fluctuating weather, it may be worth noting if you like to have your windows open or closed at any time of the year before getting these installed!   

If you live in a home where your neighbor’s house is close to yours, then a picture window may be less than ideal. As nobody wants to peer into their neighbors home and vice versa,these may be better to have on the back of your home. Otherwise,  You’ll end up keeping the curtains or blinds drawn most of the time.

What Are Projection Windows? 

A projection window gets its name from how the window moves. Unlike sliding windows that move either horizontally or vertically on the same plane as the window frame, projection windows pivot out and away from the plane. For example, you have a window with a frame around the outside. To open the window, it would swing out away from the window frame. It will have a hinge action on either the top or the bottom of the window. 

If the hinge action is on the bottom, the top of the window would have a hook that allows you to pull the top of the window towards you to open it. This style of projection window is called a hopper. The other style places the hinge action on the top of the window. You would then pull or push the bottom out and place a support bar against the frame to keep the window open. This style of projection window is called an awning style. 

Projection Window Pros

You’ll be amazed at the amount of airflow you’ll enjoy from an open projection window. They are ideal in a room where ventilation is paramount for comfort. When the window opens outward, it can catch the air and direct it into the house, giving you more airflow than other types of opening windows. 

The mechanism used to secure the window closed is more secure than other types of windows. They typically have a hook and latch on the window, making it difficult to break into them. This makes them ideal for homeowners who place security at the top of their property list. 

Finally, these windows are visually romantic with an old-world feel. They are a traditional type of window, so they give your home a classic accent. 

Projection Window Cons

One of the biggest problems with these windows is that they typically don’t come with screens. You don’t have to live in Florida long to know that screens are a must for keeping the bugs out. Additionally, if you have small children or pets, the lack of a screen can be a safety risk. Some models come with screens, and you may be able to install screens after the fact. But Big D can assist you throughout the installation process. If your projection window opens out, the screen gets placed on the inside of the window. Over time, this can degrade your window’s look and make the screen more vulnerable to damage. 

Winds can get quite strong in Florida, which is not good for projection windows. They are more vulnerable to breakage in high winds. If a storm is expected with strong winds, plan to cover them. 

Upgrade the Windows in Your Home 

Both picture and projection windows have their place in home construction. Picture windows are perfect for bringing in plenty of light, improving energy efficiency, and giving you an obstructed view of your property. Projection windows are perfect for giving your home a traditional feel, improving airflow, and maintaining security. As there isn’t a “one size fits all” window for homeowners, it can help to speak with professionals, like the ones at Big D when making your choice! 

If you’re ready for new windows in your home, fill out our short form, and our experienced team can help you plan your next home project.