Periodic AC maintenance isn’t an exciting topic, and the team at American Windows knows that. But the reality is, faulty windows can cause a headache for homeowners that can cost serious money in the long run. Our professionals are looking out for you and don’t want you to spend unnecessary money, so we’ve listed some ways to tell if your windows should be repaired or replaced in 2021. 

How Old are Your Windows?

This is a great place to start when choosing between a repair or full replacement. If your windows are 15+ years old, there’s a good chance your economical option is a replacement. Even in the past decade, there have been significant improvements with window units and installation methods to improve their energy efficiency and save you money. 

Do You Notice Drafts?

If your window seals allow hot or cold air to flow in and out of your house, you likely need some simple repairs. Unless your windows are old or badly damaged, seal repairs are simple and affordable. A repair vs. replacement of the individual window comes down to the severity of the damage.

Have You Seen a Steady Increase in Utility Bills?

Monthly energy bill increases could be a sign your windows are leaking significant amounts of air. Your best course of action is to consult a local window professional about possible solutions. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable energy bill and an even more uncomfortable living space. Your technician will check if it’s a faulty installation or a damaged unit.

Frustrated with Frequent Repairs?

When you start spending money on constant repairs to an old window unit, it’s typically more cost-effective to just replace the whole thing. Look at it this way, if your windows show minor problems but your energy bill is still low, a repair is your best bet. When you start spending serious money on repairs, a full replacement may be the wisest path forward. 

Speak with the Pros at Big D Building Center

Our team of window professionals cares about your quality of life. At Big D, our goal isn’t to collect a payment and run. We work with you through every phase of homeownership to keep your family comfortable and protected. 

Are you unsure if you should repair or replace your windows? One of our experts can come out and help you answer that question. Schedule your consultation today. We look forward to working with you.