What’s one of the first things friends and family (and potential buyers) see when they come to visit? The front door, of course!— which is why it’s such an important feature in any home. 

At Big D Building Center, we know that front and patio doors can leave lasting impressions and make the difference between a warm and sophisticated welcome, and one that leaves people feeling “meh.”

Let’s take a closer look at how an artisanal wrought iron door can significantly increase the value of your home.

Boosting Curb Appeal

According to HGTV, exterior improvements provide an average of 95.5 percent return on investment at resale. And curb appeal is everything!

Your front door is a focal point for the exterior of your home, and it’s literally the first thing people see as they approach your property. A worn, shabby, or bland stock-product door isn’t doing you any favors when potential buyers are ringing your doorbell. 

Some homeowners may choose a color that reflects their personal design aesthetic, others choose to install a custom door which not only adds to the “wow” factor, it actually increases home values. 

A well-designed door can bring instant curb appeal and even help make other features of your home pop. 

The Allure of Wrought Iron

From elegant hardwood materials to wrought iron, homeowners have many options when customizing their doors. 

One of the most popular choices for materials is wrought iron because not only is it beautiful, it’s practical. Wrought iron doors are much easier and less costly to maintain than doors made from wood. 

Having a wood door means you’ll most likely need to invest money in regular maintenance, painting, and repairs. But an iron door requires far less upkeep and is even resistant to rot and fire!

And as with any well-designed, bespoke home feature, a custom wrought iron door will create value in the eyes of a home buyer. 

Plus, custom wrought iron doors aren’t much more expensive than doors made from other materials. Between saving on maintenance costs over time, and the fact that wrought iron doors add value to your home, you’re likely to recoup all of (or exceed) your initial investment. 

Partnering With the Best

Big D Building Center has partnered with Clark Hall Doors & Windows to produce world-class, custom wrought iron doors that will turn entryways into masterpieces.

Clark Hall is unique in that it offers customers elegant designs and superior craftsmanship. In fact, these wrought iron doors are crafted especially for Clark Hall by artisans in Monterrey, Mexico. And the quality of these artisans’ work is unparalleled.

Because Clark Hall allows homeowners to customize every inch, no two doors are exactly the same. Unlike stock products, each door is one-of-a-kind and can be tailored to a homeowner’s distinct aesthetic. From handle to glass, every single part of the door can be a unique reflection of a homeowner’s personal style. 

The Big D Difference

Since 1921, Big D Building Center remains committed to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, and we’re proud to say we deliver to many of the largest builders in Northeast Florida.

From traditional to ornate, craftsman to contemporary, Big D offers a huge range of style options for homeowners looking to increase their home’s value with a custom wrought iron door.

We’d love to talk with you today!